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Employment Opportunities


Substitute Teacher - all areas

Full Time position in preschool


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Lead Teacher



Must be over 18 to apply for employment at Rainbow Kids Learning Center.

Download application here.


Family Safety Registry http://www.dhss.mo.gov/FCSR/

To be qualified for employment you must consent to a background search so by signing this application you are giving us permission to do a background search on you and to register you in the Family Safety Registry.

Drug Testing

You must complete and pass a drug test from a qualified facility.  You will be given instructions and directions to the nearest approved facility during the interview process.  This test must be completed and passed completely before you will be considered for any positions.  Please note:  Drug testing can and will be requested of you at any time during your employment- No advance notice will be given.  Any failed drug tests will be grounds for immediate dismissal.


You will be asked to do a physical to make sure that you are physically able to do the job that we are asking you to do.  You will need to pass this physical and bring in proof of this physical from your physician.  A form will be given to you, if you are offered a position.  If you are going to be driving one of the child care vans, you may be asked to complete a DOT physical from an approved facility.  The directions and instructions will be given to you at the interview.

Volunteer Time

The last part of our hiring process is a Volunteer time in the area where the position is located.  This is your time to check out the room and co-workers as well as what our expectations are for the position.  At the same time the co-workers will be checking you out and will have a say in whether you will be hired or not.  Please call ahead and schedule this time with the Director.

Letters of Recommendation

Please provide 3 letters of Recommendation from people who are not related to you.  Please note these people may be called for further information as well as any former employers.  Please know that any false statements or failure to pass any of the tests requested by this application will exclude you from employment with Rainbow Kids Learning Center. 


Employee Handbook

Every employee will be expected to know, understand and abide by the policies and regulations provided in the Employee Handbook. This will be provided to any new employee but also in an electronic version here. *Handbook may be out of date, check with the Director for any updates


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